Majhi Mallah

Majhi-Mallah (band of boatmen) has been able to produce real indigenous tunes of rural Bengal. Songs of legendary folk singers, compositions of various known and unknown composers/Mahajans, hundreds of unheard – unrecorded traditional compositions of undivided Bengal remained Majhi Mallah’s  key area of research, collection and performance.

Started with my co-village musician friends and singers to revive folk songs. We used to perform in the countryside mostly. Then started performing in the cities. Later phase musicians apart from my village started joining the team. Southern Bengals Bhatiali, Dhuaa, Murshidi, song from folk plays, Palanquin bearers song, Pallygiti(Village folk), compositions of wandering minstreals – we used to perform. In that phase I was traveling around Bengal – and collecting songs of different region, genre.  Finally, got the story of folk music of Bengal in connection with river. Cause- there is a river in miles distance from any village in Bengal. Thus river song/ Bhatiali ramained our primary genre – we are traveling with a boat, along with my co-boatmen musicians – visiting different region, staying couple of days , listening to their music – picking it up – and sailing for another region.

Only traditional Instruments from Bengal we have maintained for Majhi Mallah’s musical journey. Most of the musicians are from the countryside, collection is already huge; its increasing day by day. We have tried to collect pre 1959(Death year of legendary folk singer Abbasuddin Ahmed) era  folk music of undivided Bengal.

Member & Instruments they are playing-
Minimum Member 5. We add more musicians(Flute, BassDrum player) for a full concert.
1. Lead Vocal, Ektara
2. Sarinda(Fiddle of Bengal), Harmonium
3. Dotara
4. Dhol, Dubki, Khol,
5. Khamak, Kartalas, Ghungur and small percussions.